Has The Digital World Changed Friendship?, Bugs Could Be What Your Diet Is Missing, What’s Happening In Sri Lanka

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Raúl Villalón (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

A self-described “edible insect ambassador” is advocating more Wisconsinites give bugs a chance as an affordable and possibly delicious source of protein. We let the chef make the case. We also talk about how our idea of friendship has changed with things Facebook, online communities, virtual video games and more. We also provide some background for the Sri Lanka attacks.

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  • Is The Digital World Changing How We Understand Friendship?

    For many regular internet users, having friends online (whether it be a Facebook friend or a video gamer) that you’ve never met or infrequently meet in real life is common. We talk about what a computer-exclusive friend can offer in the way of friendship and whether or not that’s enough for us.

  • A Chef Advocates For Eating Insects

    Insects provide an affordable and bountiful source of protein, and according to our guest, they can be delicious, too! We’ll hear from a self-described “edible insect ambassador” who is bringing his message of eating bugs to Wisconsin.

  • Examining Terror Attacks In Sri Lanka And How to Prevent Violence

    A coordinate terrorist attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday left nearly 300 people dead and more than 400 people injured. We’ll talk to a terrorism expert about the bombings and how governments can prevent terrorism.

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