Harnessing our regrets, The rise of fentanyl

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An author joins us to share his book about how we can use our regrets to our advantage. Then, The Washington Post is out with new reporting looking at how fentanyl became so prevalent across the U.S. We talk to one of the reporters behind the story.

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  • How understanding our regrets can be beneficial

    Regrets: we all have them. But do they help us, or hold us back? We talk to the author of a new book who says understanding our regrets, and what they have in common with others, can help us lead happier lives.

  • Fentanyl as leading drug in overdose deaths

    Fentanyl, the drug most associated with overdose deaths, is a threat to the United States, studies show. A reporter investigating the issues of fentanyl in the U.S. joins us to talk about the findings.

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