Handmade And Happy, Ending Gender Violence, Trump’s Handling Of COVID-19 Outbreak

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We discuss the joy and fulfillment people get from making things by hand with an author of a book on the subject. Then in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s recent conviction for sex crimes, our guest says men need to step up to end gender violence. And we look at President Trump’s handling of COVID-19.

Featured in this Show

  • The Allure And Satisfaction Of Making Things By Hand

    For thousands of years, people spent their days making tools to survive and improve their day-to-day lives. Today, we can buy anything we need without leaving our homes. We speak to a maker and author about why so many people continue to find fulfillment in making and working with their hands.

  • How To Stop Gender Violence, By Holding Men Accountable

    When it comes to rape, our guest says instead of focusing on the number of female victims, we should look at the number of male perpetrators. We talk with him about what he calls “toxic masculinity” and his quest to end gender violence — especially on college campuses.

  • A Look At The Trump Administration's Approach To COVID-19

    President Donald Trump, along with House and Senate leaders, is considering an economic stimulus package for workers and businesses hurt by COVID-19. We explore what that financial relief could look like and discuss the Trump administration’s handling of the outbreak.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Melanie Falick Guest
  • Jackson Katz Guest
  • Eric Giordano Guest
  • Judith Siers-Poisson Interviewer

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