Gut microbiome, Climate lawsuits

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Children playing over a model of human body
Children play around a toy body at the Crad’Expo, in Paris Tuesday Nov.30, 2004. The exhibition employs the vocabulary of children to teach youngsters about the human respitory and digestive systems. The exhition runs until May 8, 2005. Crad is French slang for dirty or “crude”. Remy de la Mauviniere/AP Photo

The Washington Post’s food and nutrition columnist joins us to discuss how to keep our gut microbiome healthy. Then, an environmental law expert explains the ramifications of a landmark lawsuit over climate change.

Featured in this Show

  • How your gut microbiome is affected by what you eat

    Doctors and scientists are still learning more about how the gut microbiome works and how different foods affect our health. The Washington Post’s food and nutrition columnist joins us to explain what the latest research says about probiotics, prebiotics and more.

  • Landmark Montana climate suit rules in favor of youth

    A landmark ruling in Montana asserts that the state government violated the rights of young Montanans to a “clean and healthful” environment. We take a look at what the ruling means in Montana and future climate law.

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