Gun safety, Non-profits in the pandemic, Afghan refugee resettlement

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guns on wall at a store
In this photo taken March 15, 2017, AR-15 style rifles made by Battle Rifle Co., a gunmaker in Webster, Texas, are on display in its retail shop. Lisa Marie Pane/AP Photo

We learn how household gun safety can prevent tragedies. Then, a reporter helps us learn more about how non-profit organizations have adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, a WPR reporter updates us on how Afghan resettlement efforts are going in Wisconsin.

Featured in this Show

  • The importance of household gun safety

    A lot of families in the U.S. have guns in their households, so what’s the best way to model and talk about proper gun safety with children? We talk to two experts on child and adolescent psychology about that, and why it’s such an important conversation for your family.

  • How the pandemic has changed Wisconsin nonprofits for the long-term

    Nonprofits around Wisconsin have had to adapt their work to challenges and opportunities that have come up during the pandemic. A reporter shares how these groups have shifted, and how some of the changes could be long-lasting.

  • Afghan refugees navigating the legal system and culture shock as they find new homes in Wisconsin

    Many Afghans who fled Taliban rule last summer are settling into new homes in Wisconsin. We hear from WPR and PBS journalists about their conversations with refugees and the legal experts helping them navigate the process of finding a home in the United States. We also talk with the director of an Appleton resettlement agency about her group’s work.

    This story is part of a PBS Wisconsin/WPR WisContext collaboration, utilizing reporting, research and community-based expertise to provide information and insight about issues that affect Wisconsin.

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