A guide to fitness trackers, Medical hardship-inspired poetry, Personal finance tips

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Grace Brown, 14, adjusts her fitness tracker at the par
Grace Brown, 14, adjusts her fitness tracker at the park where she does her jogging workouts for her “online PE” class, in Alexandria, Va., Friday, Nov. 1, 2019. Brown chose to take “online PE,” utilizing a fitness tracker, so that she could take a piano lab as an extra elective. Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

A kinesiology professor teaches us about the pros and cons of fitness trackers. Then, a professor and author shares a new book of poems she wrote while recovering from serious medical issues. Later, the author of another new book shares simple and easy personal finance tips to start the new year.

Featured in this Show

  • How to get the most benefit of your fitness tracker

    Want to get in good physical shape in the new year? Perhaps your fitness tracker can help you out, but they’re not ideal for everyone. We talk about their pros and cons and how to use them properly.

  • New haiku collection from UW professor

    A disability writer and UW-Madison scholar talks about her new book of short poems inspired by a significant period of medical treatments.

  • How to get your personal finances together to start 2022

    We’re starting off the new year getting help with personal finance: budgeting, investing and getting out of debt. The author of a new book hopes to make finances fun and easy to understand.

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