Growlers In Grocery Stores, Milwaukee Streetcar, Pope Francis Speaks On Contraception, Too Much STEM?

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As the craft beer movement continues to grow, Wisconsin’s grocery stores want to get in on the action by selling beer “growler” refills. We learn about the possible legislation that could make these plans a reality. We also discuss whether too many kids are being pushed into science and technology classes, cover the recent Milwaukee streetcar debate, and take an in-depth look at the Pope’s recent comments on family planning and contraception.

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  • Wisconsin Grocery Stores Looking To Tap Into Beer Growler Refills

    In a response to the growing craft beer movement, grocery stores in Wisconsin want to be able to offer beer growler refills. Legislation could soon be coming to allow that…but not everyone is on board with the idea. A beer writer breaks down the debate.

  • Pope Francis Speaks On Contraception And Family Planning

    On a recent trip to the Philippines, Pope Francis made some newsworthy comments regarding family planning. While upholding the church’s stance on artificial contraception, Francis suggested that Catholics may have a moral obligation to limit the number of children they have…and shouldn’t reproduce, in his words, “like rabbits.” An expert on Catholic history talks about the nature of Pope’s comments, and what they could signal for the future of the church.

  • Time To Stop Pushing Science And Math Fields On Students

    When we over-focus on getting kids to consider science and math as career fields, we run the risk of devaluing the humanities, according to our guest today.

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