Growing Support For Toll Roads In Wisconsin, Developing Science News, Whooping Crane Restoration

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2014 has already been a big year for science news so far, with headlines about Antarctic ice sheets, Facebook experimenting on its unknowing users, and the finding of significant human fossils. Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster talk to an editor at Discover Magazine about some other exciting developing science news, including an upcoming paper about human evolution that might defy previous theories of early humans. They also discuss efforts to restore whooping crane populations and a new economic survey showing increased support for toll roads in Wisconsin.

Featured in this Show

  • New Survey Shows More Support For Toll Roads In Wisconsin

    The latest Wisconsin Economic Scorecard survey shows more support for toll roads from middle- and upper-class Wisconsinites and less opposition to toll roads from lower-income residents. An expert from the UW-Milwaukee Center for Urban Initiatives and Research explains these findings and what they could mean.

  • Science Stories To Keep An Eye On: Human Evolution, Stem Cell Research Fallout, Curiosity On Mars

    One of Discover Magazine’s editors joins us to discuss developing science stories, including an upcoming paper that could defy everything we know about early humans and the Curiosity rover finally completing its mission on Mars.

  • Whooping Crane Restoration Issues In Wisconsin And Beyond

    After more than a decade of restoration efforts, and millions of dollars spent, whooping cranes seem to be struggling in the wild. A crane expert talks about the challenges facing these birds, and the various strategies being used to try and boost the whooping crane population.

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