Great Lakes water, Wisconsin hiking

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Wisconsin Point
The strip of land known as Wisconsin Point stretches nearly 3 miles along Lake Superior. A lighthouse at its western end marks the entry to the Superior port. Danielle Kaeding/WPR

A Great Lakes water expert joins us to discuss recent diversion projects to Waukesha and Joliet, Illinois. Then, two hiking experts share some of Wisconsin biggest hiking trails and hidden gems.

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  • How Great Lakes water is used and conserved

    The city of Chicago sold off some Lake Michigan water to the Illinois city of Joliet, a rare exception under the Great Lakes Compact. We talk to an expert about how different states are allowed to use the water from the lakes and what protections are in place.

  • Hiking around Wisconsin

    Hikers will be hitting the Ice Age Trail this weekend for the Mammoth March, a national long-distance trail event coming to Wisconsin for the first time. Mammoth March’s founder discusses the details. Then, Wisconsin’s own travel writer Kevin Revolinski talks about what top trails hikers should visit this summer.

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