Great Lakes Water Levels, Congressional Check-In, A Religion Of One’s Own

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Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert find out why water levels in the Great Lakes aren’t bouncing back to a normal level, check to see what Congress is up to, and how to create spiritual beliefs that work for you.

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  • Researcher Says Low Great Lakes Water Levels Buck Current Trend

    According to a new report, the water levels in the Great Lakes ebb and flow in a natural 10 year cycle. But the main researcher says the current low water levels haven’t been bouncing back, and that’s a concern.

  • Weekly Congress Update – January 22

    Congress is on its mid-January break. This week we look at the special election in Florida. Many see the race between Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink as a microcosm for how congressional politics will play out in November 2014.

  • Author Says Fashion A Religion Of Our Own For Spiritual Enrichment

    When it comes to creating spiritual beliefs, an author says it’s okay to “pick and choose” bits from various religions…and conflict need not exist between one tradition and another.

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