The Great Depression Through Wisconsin Eyes, Night Skies In July, Democratic Fundraising

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The constellation orion
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An author reflects on her experience growing up in western Wisconsin in the 1930s. Then we hear how to spot the comet NEOWISE and other summer constellations in our night skies. We also look at how the state Democratic Party plans to spend a record-breaking fundraising effort over the last few months.

Featured in this Show

  • Remembering Wisconsin Farm Life During The Great Depression

    The Great Depression affected life in rural Wisconsin, and yet our guest remembers a close, loving family that taught her strength and resilience. She details her experience growing up in western Wisconsin in the 1930s in a collection of short essays.

  • What To Look For In The July Night Sky

    The Comet NEOWISE is making a special appearance in the July night sky as it continues its 7,000-year journey around the sun. We talk about the comet, summer constellations and other celestial objects you can observe the rest of the month.

  • State Democrats Hope To Prevent Veto-Proof GOP Majority With Fundraising Haul

    Wisconsin Democrats reported $10 million of fundraising between March and June, the biggest quarterly influx of cash the party has ever seen. We find out about the races in the state legislature that are likely to see spending. We also look at new pardons issued by Governor Evers this week.

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