Gray Wolf Delisted, Appleton Airport Hydroponics, Election Coverage Preview

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gray wolf in the snow
Tracy Brooks/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The gray wolf is off the federal endangered species list. We talk about what it could mean for wolf management here in Wisconsin. We also hear about a hydroponics project at the Appleton airport. Plus, a preview of WPR’s election night coverage.

Featured in this Show

  • A Look At Gray Wolf's Recovery And Potential For Wisconsin Hunt

    The gray wolf has been removed from the federal endangered species list, which means management authority returns to individual states. We look at the animal’s recovery, especially in Wisconsin, and the prospects of a reinstated wolf hunt in the state.

  • Appleton Airport Growing Its Own Food

    We learn about a new system for growing food for Appleton’s airport restaurant — that’s inside the airport.

  • Preview Of WPR Election Coverage

    WPR News Director Noah Ovshinsky and Central Time and Election Night Producer J Carlisle Larsen share what listeners can expect to hear on election day and after. And they’ll ask for your thoughts on what stories should be told.

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  • Noah Ovshinsky Guest