Grandparents Exempt From Travel Ban, State Teacher Shortage, Juices And Soothies

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The Department of Public Instruction acknowledges a teacher shortage in Wisconsin, and our guests says it points to larger issues in education. He discusses what’s causing the shortage and what measures are being taken to fill positions. For Food Friday, we learn about making healthy but scrumptious smoothies, juices, and tonics. We’ll also look at a new ruling from a federal judge that exempts grandparents of Americans from President Trump’s travel ban.

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  • Federal Judge Rules Grandparents Are Exempt From Trump Travel Ban

    A federal judge in Hawaii ruled that grandparents and other close relatives should be exempt from President Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries. The judge also decided that refugees tied to a resettlement agency would also be allowed to enter the country. We’ll take a closer look at the news with an immigration expert.

  • Expert: Wisconsin's Teacher Shortage Has Larger Implications

    Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction is charged with the responsibility of addressing a teacher shortage right now, but our guest says there is more to the issue than meets the eye. We find out what is causing the teacher shortage in the state, and what impact short-term efforts to fill the gaps will have.

  • Food Friday: Smoothies, Juices and Healing Tonics

    We talk to a holistic health coach about making your own juices, smoothies and healing tonics.

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