Governor Walker Seeks ACA Waiver To Create Reinsurance Program, Older Americans May Be Hooked On Vitamins, Supreme Court Hearing On Travel Ban

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While there seems to be a suggested vitamin supplement for nearly every health problem these days, there is not often any conclusive evidence that the supplement will amend the problem. We learn more about why vitamins need to be taken with caution and consultation from an expert. We also take a look at the travel ban case, Trump V. Hawaii, that will go before the Supreme Court next week, and discuss Governor Walker’s plan for a reinsurance program in the state. We also take a look at how the unseasonable weather is impacting migrating songbirds in Wisconsin.

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  • Governor Walker Seeks ACA Waiver To Create Reinsurance Program

    Wisconsin residents could pay less in taxes for the state’s private insurance marketplace under plan from Governor Scott Walker. The goal of the plan is to bring premiums down and encourage more insurance providers to join the marketplace. Philip Rocco, assistant professor of political science at Marquette University, joins us to talk about what the Walker’s plan and what it could mean for Wisconsin residents.

  • Older Americans Hooked On Vitamins Despite Lack Of Concrete Benefits

    Over half of Americans take vitamin supplements despite the fact that no studies or evidence show they prevent disease. Many people take vitamins because other people they know are taking them also. Preliminary studies also contribute to the trends, by speculating on potential benefits that readers take as fact. We talk to an expert about what we know about vitamins and why you may want to reconsider your daily dose.

  • Supreme Court Prepares To Hear Challenge To Trump's Travel Ban

    This week, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law regarding deportations of immigrants convicted of certain crimes, with conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch siding with liberal members of the court. That comes as the court prepares to hear a challenge to President Trump’s travel ban. A reporter that covers the court joins us to talk about what to expect.

  • Migrating Songbirds At Risk Of Starving Due To Unseasonable Weather

    Wildlife rescues in the state have raised the alarm over a significant uptick in songbird deaths following snow and freezing temperatures. Many birds have been unable to access normal food sources do to snow covering the group and a lack of insects. We speak with Marge Gibson, Executive Director of Raptor Education Group, Inc., about what’s happening with the birds and what Wisconsinites can do to help.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Philip Rocco Guest
  • Liz Szabo Guest
  • Adam Liptak Guest
  • Marge Gibson Guest
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Interviewer

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