Governor Walker Calls For Special Session On School Safety Proposal, Project To Explore Eau Claire’s Music History, Wisconsin Mom Is A ParaTaekwondo Athlete Training With Team USA

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While some parts of Eau Claire’s present day music scene are well documented, music of the past is less understood. We talk to a UW-Eau Claire instructor heading the effort to document the musical history of the city. We also hear from a Wisconsin mom who is in her 2nd year competing at the international level for ParaTaekwondo, and take a look at Governor Walker’s new ideas for school safety.

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  • Governor Walker Calls For Special Session On School Safety Proposals

    Governor Scott Walker has called on state lawmakers to hold a special session at the Capitol to work on proposed school safety measures. The Governor is calling for a new $100 million grant program to bolster school safety programs, establish a new school safety division under the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and more. However, some lawmakers argue that the plan does not go far enough and ignores some concerns from student advocating for change. We speak with WPR Capitol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson about the news.

  • Project Preserving Eau Claire's Musical History

    In recent years, Eau Claire has gained a national reputation as a musical hot spot, but it’s had a rich music scene for decades. A new project at UW-Eau Claire is gathering stories, documents, and artifacts to preserve that history. We talk to local historian about the city’s musical past and what’s been found so far.

  • Wisconsin Mom With Multiple Sclerosis Training To Be Parataekwondo Champion

    While a serious illness might deter most people from becoming big-time athletes, that’s not the case for one Stevens Point resident. She’s a single mom of two kids, lost over 100 pounds doing martial arts, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and part of Team USA’s Paralympic training team. We talk with the accomplished athlete about her journey.

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