Government Accountability Board Changes, Martin Luther King Jr. And Labor, Wisconsin Caves

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Assembly Republicans want to change the state’s Government Accountability Board. We discuss the reasons behind the proposed changes, and what the board might look like in the future. We also examine Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work in labor movements, and learn about exploring Wisconsin’s caves.

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  • Wisconsin Republicans Pursue Overhaul Of Elections Board

    Republicans in the Assembly are leading a proposal to overhaul the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, known as the GAB. The nonpartisan board was set up in 2008 and is responsible for overseeing campaign finance, elections, ethics, and lobbying laws in the state. It’s made up of former judges who are nominated by the state’s appeals court.

    Wisconsin is somewhat unique for having a nonpartisan agency that runs elections. In 33 states around the country, it is an elected, partisan Secretary of State who is responsible for overseeing elections. Republican lawmakers and Governor Walker have suggested going back to a partisan form of oversight here in Wisconsin. The most recent proposal from the Assembly would be a hybrid between nonpartisan judges and political appointees.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Labor Legacy

    People associate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the civil rights causes, but many people forget his heavy involvement in the labor movement. A history professor explains Dr. King’s contributions to workers’ rights and discusses how he might respond to the current state of labor.

  • Wisconsin Life: Caving in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is home to countless natural caves, public and private. We talk to a speleological expert about exploring these natural treasures.

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