Gov Calls A Special Session On Opioid Abuse, Opioids Take A Toll On Rural Moms And Babies, Diet Advice From The Mayo Clinic

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Governor Walker has called a special legislative session to address the state’s opioid epidemic. We find out what he hopes to accomplish and by what means. Some of the people who are the hardest hit in the opioid crisis are rural mothers and their babies. We talk with a pediatrician about her concerns. Many try to start the year with better eating habits. A doctor shares advice on how to make lasting lifestyle changes for healthy eating.

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  • Walker Calls For Special Session To Amp Up Fight Against Opioid Abuse

    Governor Scott Walker called for a special legislative session to address the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic in Wisconsin. In an effort to ramp up the state’s response to what he called “a public health crisis,” he’s calling on state agencies to step up to the plate. We’ll get details.

  • Opioids Take A Toll On Rural Mothers And Babies

    A pediatrician shares her research into rates of opioid addiction among mothers in rural areas, and the impact on their babies.

  • The Mayo Clinic Diet: Second Edition

    It’s the beginning of a new year, a time when many people resolve to make healthier choices–like eating a healthier diet. We learn how to improve health while losing weight with the medical editor of “The Mayo Clinic Diet.” He says this plan is a lifestyle and not a diet in the traditional sense. We learn how it works.

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