GOP Immigration Principles, Super Bowl Food, Aging Caregivers

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Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster look at immigration reform principles released by Republicans in the House and talk about the best party food for your Super Bowl celebration. Then, they look at the trend of aging caregivers – senior citizens caring for other seniors.

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  • GOP Lays Out Immigration Principles

    Republic members of the House released a document laying out the principles they will follow in crafting an immigration reform bill on Thursday. The principles include allowing a pathway to citizenship for some and permission to remain in the United States legally for others.

  • Food Friday: Growing A Feast

    For this Food Friday, a former chef discusses his decision to leave the Seattle food scene and start growing his own food. He explains how he started to use the products of his farm in his kitchen and how you can use more local ingredients.

  • New Trend Of Seniors Caring For Other Seniors

    A growing number of Baby Boomers and other seniors are moving into the home healthcare field. An expert from the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute and an older home healthcare worker discuss this trend and what it could mean.

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