GOP Election Probe Update, What We Know About Sweat

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A voter in a face mask puts a ballot into the machine.
Madison resident Mechelle Mitchell submits a ballot in the spring election Tuesday, April 6, 2021, at Tenney Park in Madison, Wis. Angela Major/WPR

WPR’s state capitol reporter joins the show to explain the latest on the GOP probe into the 2020 election in Wisconsin, and to tell us about a series of Republican-backed election bills Evers vetoed Tuesday. Then we talk to a science journalist about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sweat.

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  • Latest On Wisconsin GOP-Election Probe And Evers Vetoes GOP-Backed Election Bills

    The head of a GOP-led probe into the 2020 election in Wisconsin is moving ahead with the audit, issuing subpoenas to clerks in Milwaukee and Brown counties. We get an update, and hear about a series of GOP-backed election bills Gov. Evers vetoed Tuesday.

  • What our sweat can teach us about ourselves

    If you’ve ever been concerned or embarrassed about your own sweat, you’re not alone. We talk with a science journalist and former chemist who decided to explore why we all sweat, why we’re so embarrassed by it and how we can take more joy in perspiration.

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