GOP Agenda For Wisconsin, Presidential Memorabilia, Religions Of The World

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Why do we embrace the religions we do? One philosopher set off on a journey to answer that question and he shares what he learned from believers and nonbelievers the world over. Then we discuss the State Legislature’s agenda for the coming term, and explore presidential history with the help of De Pere, Wisconsin’s historical society.

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  • Philosopher Asks His Colleagues: Does God Exist?

    Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting recently embarked on a project to ask fellow philosophers a simple question: Does God exist?

    The author set out to understand the world’s belief systems in a series of interviews with believers and non-believers. He shared the perspective he gained along the way on The Stone, the New York Times’ forum on philosophy.

    In part, Gutting was inspired to do the project after he came to realize something about his colleagues.

    “I was especially interested in the fact that a large proportion of philosophers, at least in the main U.S. departments, are atheists,” said Gutting. “That surprised me. Philosophers are a skeptical lot. I wanted to try and get a sense of what was going on.”

    What Gutting said what he found during the interviews is that too often, religion is discussed in terms of whether or not someone believes and who exactly to believe in. But, Gutting said that religion is a complex and nuanced thing — abstract and concrete, full of ritualistic practices and heavy thinking. Gutting said he ultimately tried to facilitate a conversation to reflect those realities.

    Gutting said that all belief systems need various forms of intellectual maintenance. His own intellectual inquiry hasn’t led him to any decisive answers, but he nevertheless has found it to be helpful.

    “It has resulted in considerable clarification into what we believe and why we believe it,” Gutting said.

  • Taking A Look At The State Legislature's Agenda For The Coming Term

    With big wins for Governor Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin, legislation on some of the state’s biggest issues could come fast and furious. A reporter discusses what’s on the State Legislature’s agenda.

  • A Piece Of President Lincoln In De Pere

    A small museum in De Pere is exhibiting a collection of presidential memorabilia that features several hand-written letters from presidents and what may be some of Abraham Lincoln’s china.

  • The Philosophy Behind The World's Religions

    A philosopher set off on a project to understand the world’s belief systems, in a series of interviews with believers and unbelievers. He shares the perspective he gained along the way.

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