Global Minimum Tax, Where Your Clothes Come From

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G7 countries agreed over the weekend on what’s being called a “global minimum tax.” We break down what it is, and it’s impact on large multinational corporations that avoid taxes. Then, we hear about the origins of the clothes we wear.

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  • G7 Countries Agree To Global Tax Reform

    The Group of 7 countries reached an agreement over the weekend to impose a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. Under this plan, giant multinational companies like Google and Amazon would have to pay additional taxes. An expert explains how this could affect the global economy.

  • Understanding the life cycle of our clothes

    What do you know about the origins of your favorite jeans? We talk with the author of a new book who traced a pair of jeans from start to finish, including visiting the cotton fields and the dyeing and weaving factories in China, about our relationship with clothes and the global economy that provides us with them.

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