Gibberish And Its History, Limits To Unemployment Benefits For Disability Aid Recipients, Washington News

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A Medieval literature lecturer gives us a history lesson on the prevalence and value of nonsense words. Then an investigative reporter shares some of his work looking at how Wisconsinites who receive disability aid are being denied coronavirus-related unemployment assistance. And we discuss top Washington stories with a White House reporter, including the escalating battle between president Trump and Twitter.

Featured in this Show

  • Why 'Gibberish' Words Are More Than A Bunch Of Babble

    Nonsensical words we look at as “gibberish” have been around for a long time, and have more meaning than we might think. We learn about the history of gibberish words, and what they can tell us about the dynamics of different cultures and social classes.

  • Why Federal Disability Aid Recipients Can't Get Pandemic Unemployment In Wisconsin

    In Wisconsin, individuals who receive federal disability aid are ineligible for pandemic-related unemployment benefits. We talk to a Wisconsin Watch reporter about his new investigation into the issue.

  • This Week In Washington – June 3, 2020

    President Trump urged governors and mayors to use stronger force and more arrests this week to quell protests and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s death. A White House reporter talks with us about the back-and-forth. We also look at Twitter’s new approach to the president’s posts.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
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  • Bram Sable-Smith Guest
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