Ghost guns, Child care policy

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Police officers with firearms from a buyback program
In this May 22, 2021, file photo officers from the NYPD firearm and tactical unit pack collection of illegal guns after a gun buyback event in Brooklyn, N.Y. Gun violence is on the rise across the country and law enforcement agencies are struggling with how to manage the spikes, especially in cities. The federal government has stepped in with strike forces and other measures help to stop the sale of illegal weapons. Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

A public health policy professor joins us to share more about “ghost guns” and the Biden administration’s efforts to regulate them. Then, we talk to a child care expert about efforts from both Republicans and Democrats to improve access to child care.

Featured in this Show

  • Biden administration adding new regulations for 'ghost guns'

    President Biden unveiled new rules to better regulate so-called “ghost guns.” We learn more about the prevalence on these homemade firearms and the efforts to reduce gun violence.

  • Both sides of the aisle want to improve child care access — they just don't agree on how

    Congressional Republicans and Democrats have both proposed bills to subsidize child care. A child care expert explains what the different bills would do for childcare in Wisconsin and around the country.

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