Gender Inclusive Dolls, CVS Pulls Heartburn Medicine, Meth In Wisconsin

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A box containing methamphetamine
This 2018 photo shows a box containing methamphetamine. Cannon River Drug and Violent Task Force via AP Photo

While the opioid crisis continues to affect people around the state, methamphetamines are still a bigger problem in many places. We talk about why it’s so prominent in western Wisconsin. We also hear about a new, gender non-binary doll from Mattel. Plus, we discuss why CVS is temporarily halting sales of a popular heartburn drug with concerns after testing showed low levels of a cancer-causing chemical found in samples.

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  • Reaction To Mattel's Launch Of Gender-Inclusive Dolls

    The toy company behind the iconic Barbie doll — Mattel — announced a new line of gender-inclusive dolls. We talk to an author who’s written about the history of Barbie for perspective on how these new dolls fit into the toy’s cultural narrative.

  • CVS Pulls Zantac From Shelves After FDA Confirms Low Levels Of Cancer Causing Chemical Found In Samples

    CVS, the country’s largest pharmacy chain, is halting sales of a popular heartburn medicine known to many as Zantac after the FDA confirmed low levels of a carcinogen found in drug samples. We talk to a drug industry reporter about what we know so far, and what to do if you’re taking the medication.

  • A Look At Western Wisconsin's Methamphetamine Problem

    Often overshadowed by the opioids crisis, the biggest drug problem in some communities across America – especially western Wisconsin – remains methamphetamines. We talk with the Polk County sheriff about why it’s so prevalent there and what’s being done to crack down on it.

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