Gender Diversity At Work, Possible Gas Tax Shift, Silent Voices On The Streets

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A new study suggests that companies with more gender diversity are more productive, but workers tend to prefer working with colleagues of the same gender. We talk with a gender and workplace expert about what’s behind those findings. We also hear some of the stories of those living on the streets with mental disorders, and discuss Governor Walker’s idea to replace the state’s gas tax with a sales tax on gas and alternative fuels.

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  • New Study Suggests Workers Are Happier Working With Members Of Their Own Gender

    According to a new study, employees are happier working with members of their own sex…but single-sex workplaces are not as productive as those where both genders are present. An expert on gender and the workplace talks about the reasons behind these findings, and how to reduce gender bias at work.

  • With Looming Transportation Budget Shortfall, Walker Suggests Replacing Gas Tax With A Sales Tax

    With a looming shortfall in the state’s transportation budget, Governor Walker has suggested possibly replacing the state’s gas tax with a sales tax on gas and alternative fuels. A reporter talks about this idea, and other possible proposals on the table to address the funding gap.

  • Giving A Voice To The Mentally Ill Homeless Population

    Many homeless people struggle with mental illness, and often get ignored by society. A psychiatrist spent two years on the streets, finding them and hearing their stories, and describes what their life is really like.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Chris Malina Producer
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  • JR Ross Guest
  • Dr. Robert Okin Guest