Gender Bias In Research, Food Friday: The Perfect Picnic, What Is War Good For?

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Despite its many horrors, war may have benefitted mankind and made us safer. That’s according to Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett’s guest historian, who will make the case for the benefits of war on society. For Food Friday, they get some perfect picnic food recipes from one of WPR’s in-house foodies. They also discuss gender bias in scientific research.

Featured in this Show

  • NIH Warns Of Gender Bias In Research

    The NIH this week warned that a gender bias in research could affect certain medications’ impact on women. How is this being rectified?

  • Food Friday: Perfect Picnic Food

    We’re getting into prime picnic season, but what should you pack for the perfect picnic? One of WPR’s in-house foodies shares her top picnic food recipes.

  • War: What Is It Good For?

    A historian weighs the impact of war on humankind, and says that despite its horrors, war has brought surprising benefits and may ultimately have made us safer.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Marika Suval Producer
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Janine Clayton Guest
  • Ian Morris Guest

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