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Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman
Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Gableman in a 2011 file photo. Gableman has been overseeing a contentious review of Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election, issuing subpoenas and then withdrawing them. John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal, Pool Photo via AP File

We get the latest reaction and fallout from Michael Gableman’s election investigation with WPR’s capital bureau chief. Then, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist helps us better understand the mental health care system.

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  • Gableman presents findings from partisan 2020 election investigation

    On Tuesday, former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman presented the findings of a 2020 election investigation initiated by Wisconsin Republicans. We talk to WPR’s state capitol bureau chief about the findings, and how political leaders across the spectrum have reacted.

  • Care for mental illness… is ill — here's how to heal it

    The former director of the National Institute for Mental Health offers his solutions for fixing what he describes as a broken system for helping people with various forms of mental illness in America.

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