GAB Chair Asks Lawmakers To Delay Agency Changes, Wisconsin Life Preview, Women In Science Careers

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In 2005 the president of Harvard asked why there weren’t more women scientists, and one author set out to find the answer. Our guest looks at the social, institutional and interpersonal barriers women and minorities face in the field. We also get a preview on the upcoming season of Wisconsin Life on Wisconsin Public Television, and we talk to the chair of the state Government Accountability Board about the letter he wrote to lawmakers asking them to delay changes to the agency.

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  • Government Accountability Board Chair Writes Letter Urging Legislative Leaders To Delay Changes

    On Tuesday the chair of the Government Accountability Board wrote a letter to legislative leaders asking them to delay changes to the agency until after the statewide elections scheduled for 2016. The chair joins us to explain why he’s asking for delays to these changes.

  • A Preview Of The New Season Of Wisconsin Life

    A new season of Wisconsin Public Television’s program “Wisconsin Life” begins tonight. We get a preview.

  • Writer And Former Scientist Says Science Is Still A 'Boys' Club'

    Eileen Pollack, one of the first women to graduate from Yale with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, says that girls and women are still all too often deterred from getting involved in science. She shares her story of deciding against a career in science, why she says science is still a ‘boys’ club,’ and what needs to change.

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