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A new report is out from the CDC and childhood obesity rates have fallen in 19 states. Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster speak with Dr. Patrick Remington about how things look in Wisconsin. Then a guest movie critic talks to Rob and Cynthia about what makes a quintessential summer movie.

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  • How 'Jaws' Started The Summer Blockbuster Tradition

    Summer is now the season of the Hollywood blockbuster. But it hasn’t always been that way, according to Rob Thomas, editor of “77 Square” and a writer for The Capital Times. He said before the release of Jaws, the summer was a “dumping ground” for movie releases.

    “Before 1975, the summer was considered a dumping ground for movies. They’d throw in a couple of cheap B movies and make a double feature out of it, but the thinking in Hollywood was people want to go outside in the summer. If you want to make money on your movie, you release in the spring or the fall or the winter,” he said.

    Producers took a risk with the release of Jaws, and it was such a success that the tradition of the summer blockbuster continues today.

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