The Future Of Juvenile Prison, Fathers At Work And Home, Using Fresh Herbs

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Does juvenile prison actually re-rehabilitate children? Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert speak with an author who says it does the opposite and makes the case that the system should be remodeled. Then they talk to the U.S. Secretary of Labor about the role of dads at work and at home and explore original uses for fresh herbs with chef Ian Knauer.

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  • Re-thinking Juvenile Prison

    Our guest lets us inside the hidden world of incarcerated children and makes the case that the treatment juveiles get in prison makes them less able to rehabilitate and re-enter society.

  • U.S. Secretary Of Labor Discusses Changing Role Of Fathers At Home, Work

    During the past half century the roles of men and women in the office and at home have shifted dramatically. More women are in the workplace, more men are staying home, and many families have two working parents. Today, men are expressing an increasing desire to spend more time with their families and finding that society’s expectations often do not align with that desire. About a third of American women have access to paid parental leave, while only a fifth of men have access. The United States is also the only high-income nation in the world to not provide universal paid parental leave. Leading up to this Father’s Day, United States Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez weighs in on how the country can improve working conditions for parents.

  • Cooking With Fresh Herbs

    Seasonal cooking is kicking into high gear. Today, our guest chef tells us how to make our summer dishes pop with fresh herbs from the garden.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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  • Sec. Thomas Perez Guest
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