Future of the GOP, Challenges facing future elections

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Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke
Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, left, joins with Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, center, and Speaker Robin Vos Thursday, April 23, 2015, in Madison, Wis., in promising that a bill will pass next month ensuring the results of standardized test scores aren’t used to measure performance. Scott Bauer/AP Photo

We talk to former Republican U.S. Representative Reid Ribble of Wisconsin about the future of his party after the midterm elections. Then, a political science professor joins us to discuss the main challenges facing future elections in the U.S.

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    Republicans fared worse than expected in the 2022 midterms, and there are competing narratives about why. We talk to former Republican U.S. Representative Reid Ribble to hear his take, and talk about where he wants to see the Republican Party go next.

  • Midterm election challenges, surprises

    The midterms of 2022 saw little to no violence or outcries of fraud that some predicted to come. A political scientist joins us to talk about election challenges and surprises from the most recent midterm elections.

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