A Future With COVID-19, Mindful Motorcycling, Wisconsin Titanic Exhibit

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A parent placing a face mask on their child
In this June 10, 2020, file photo, Olivia Chan’s father helps her with a new mask she received during a graduation ceremony for her Pre-K class in front of Bradford School in Jersey City, N.J. Seth Wenig/AP Photo

A psychologist shares thoughts on the importance for preparing mentally for a future that continues to include COVID-19. Then we hear from a gear head guru from Wisconsin preaching yoga to the biker community. And we go deep on a new Titanic exhibition in Oshkosh showcasing Wisconsin ties to the famous wreck.

Featured in this Show

  • How To Live In A World With COVID-19

    According to our guest, COVID-19 is going to be here forever, so people need to learn how to deal with it. We talk about what the virus may look like in the future and how we can mentally prepare to live with it.

  • Wisconsin Native, 'Motorcycling Yogi' Shares His Love Of Bikes And Yoga

    One Wisconsin-native’s love of motorcycles and yoga are not distinct. We speak to the “motorcycling yogi” about why he says the two are intertwined for him, and his work spreading awareness of the benefits of yoga in the biker community.

  • Oshkosh Exhibit Recognizes Wisconsin Connections To Titanic

    There were over 50 passengers aboard the Titanic with ties to Wisconsin. We talk with the curator of a Wisconsin exhibit that focuses on the stories of 20 of them.

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