Frontier Airlines Facing Litigation, Changes Coming For The SAT, Vaping Bust

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The budget airline Frontier is facing litigation related to its ticket pricing. We learn more from an industry analyst. Then we talk about why the College Board is ditching SAT exam adversity scores for college hopefuls. We also hear about an illegal vaping operation in Kenosha County.

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  • Spirit Airlines To Face Lawsuit Over Hidden Bag Fees

    A federal appeals court ruled Spirit Airlines must face a lawsuit alleging hidden carry-on bag fees charged to customers who purchased tickets through third-party booking websites. We talk to an industry analyst about the suit and how airline companies have changed their fee system in recent years.

  • Why The College Board Did Away With Adversity Score Plans

    After further review, students taking the SAT college admissions test will not be given an adversity score after all. We look at why The College Board scrapped the idea and what it’s planning on doing instead.

  • Illegal Vaping Cartridge Operation Uncovered In Kenosha County

    Kenosha County police have uncovered a major operation manufacturing thousands of illegal vaping cartridges filled with THC oil. An investigative reporter tells us more about the bust, how public health officals are reacting and why vaping is a growing business for drug dealers in Wisconsin.

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