Free speech survey delayed, Vehicle pollution standards, Social media and music

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We check in with a WPR reporter about the postponement of a UW survey about free speech. Then, we learn more about new vehicle tailpipe standards with the help of an environmental law professor. Later, a music professor helps us understand how the music industry is being influenced by social media apps.

Featured in this Show

  • UW student survey postponed, New tailpipe pollution standards

    A WPR reporter gives us the latest on the sudden postponement of a UW system-wide student survey on freedom of speech and expression that was scheduled to go out Thursday. Then we discuss new tailpipe pollutions standards recently announced by the Department of Transportation.

  • How Tik Tok and social media are influencing the music industry

    A musical that started on Tik Tok won this year’s Grammy for best musical theater album. We explore how the app and social media are influencing the music industry and changing the way listeners connect with artists.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Trina La Susa Technical Director
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  • Tim Peterson Producer
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  • Storm Gloor Guest

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