Frac Sand Permit Dispute Heads To State Supreme Court, 2017 Resolutions, Legalizing Drugs

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A guest professor and author says that the war on drugs has failed, citing unjust incarceration and an increase in some drug use. He explains his argument to legalize all drugs and establish regulations to discourage substance abuse. We also invite you to share your New Year’s resolutions with us. Plus, as a dispute over a Trempealeau county frac sand mining permit heads to the state Supreme Court, county officials worry the outcome may limit future public input into such decisions.

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  • Decision In Frac Sand Permit Dispute Could Limit Public Input

    A dispute over a frac sand mining permit in Trempealeau County is heading to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The case could have significant implications for the state’s zoning laws and could also impact the public’s ability to provide input into decisions affecting zoning.

  • A New Approach To Illegal Drugs

    After looking at the failures of the War on Drugs in both Canada and the U.S., one expert on regulation of behaviors says the answer might be to permit but discourage the use of currently illegal drugs.

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