Frac Sand Mining, Life-Saving Sandals, Technology Is Good For Us

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Rob Ferrett looks at frac sand mining in the past year, explores how sandals can save lives, and learns how technology is changing the way we think.

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  • A Big Year For Frac Sand In Wisconsin

    Frac sand–the sand used for natural gas and oil fracking–is a booming industry in Wisconsin, generating jobs and fears of health and environmental risks. A WPR reporter tells us why 2013 was a big year for frac sand in the state.

  • Saving Lives With Better Flip-Flops

    A Wisconsin researcher is working to fight disease in Africa by developing a better flip-flop. He joins the show to explain why an everyday item could be a life-saver.

  • How Technology Is Making Us Smarter

    Technology is changing the way we think…and according to one writer, it’s for the better.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rich Kremer Guest
  • Tony Goldberg Guest
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