Foxconn’s Manufacturing Materials, Not Your Typical Summer Movie Season, Politeness In Democracy

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Summer moviegoers are seeing plenty of films with a social message alongside the traditional blockbusters. A movie critic talks about why so many “socially conscious” pictures are being made and which ones are worth seeing. We also talk about several dangerous materials that may be used at Foxconn’s proposed technology manufacturing plant. Another guest discusses why, in times of bitter political polarization, he thinks democracy needs politeness to survive.

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  • Environmental Concerns Over Wisconsin's Future Foxconn Plant

    There’s a lot of excitement in Wisconsin right now over the plans for Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn to build a plant in the state. There are also a lot of questions surrounding the future plant in Wisconsin–including what kind of environmental impact this plant would make on the state’s natural resources. We talk to a reporter from WisContext about their new report on the byproducts of liquid crystal display, or LCD, manufacturing.

  • It's Been An Odd Summer Movie Season

    It’s been an odd summer movie season. Typically summer movies are big blockbusters, like superhero movies or sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean. While we did have some superhero movies and one Pirates sequel, we’ve also had more serious movies, like the World War II movie Dunkirk. And there have been several movies with a social message, like An Inconvenient Sequel. We talk to a film critic about these movies and why it’s been such a different summer.

  • How Politeness Helped Foster US Democracy

    While politeness may seem antithetical to the political process, History Professor Steven Bullock says being polite was crucial to the formation of American democracy. He joins us on Central Time.

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