Foxconn To Wisconsin, Millennials And Labor Rights, Combating Climate Change

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Taiwanese technology manufacturer Foxconn announced plans for a new plant in Wisconsin yesterday. We talk about its location and the incentives needed to land the deal. We also hear from a guest who says that Millennials are uniquely suited to lead a new labor movement and revive the prosperity of their parents’ generation. Then, find out why some of the best measures for fighting climate change are things we usually don’t want to do.

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  • Foxconn Is Coming To Wisconsin, Say Top Lawmakers

    Electronics company Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin. The company is looking to build a $10 billion plant in the state, which they say will employ thousands, but there are still many questions to be answer. We get the details.

  • Could Millennials Lead A New Labor Movement?

    Union membership in America is at a low point, but young progressives are trying to make making labor rights a top issue again. We talk with a native Wisconsinite about her family’s union history and why she says Millennials are in prime position to lead a new movement of organized labor.

  • Individual Choices With The Best Impact On The Environment Might Be Hard For Many To Make

    Some of the actions that individuals can take to lead a more eco-friendly life require a serious commitment. We talk about what they are, and how the carbon footprint of individuals compares to that of businesses, industries and governments.

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