Foxconn Site Deemed ‘Blighted,’ Creating Artificial Wetlands, Why We Need To Be More Playful

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Grandma Lake Wetlands in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

The land acquisition process for the Foxconn project in Racine County has taken a dramatic turn, potentially paving the way for Mount Pleasant to use eminent domain to seize property. We discuss the village’s vote to deem the site a “blighted” area. Plus, when the construction of a new building takes place in wetland areas, companies are responsible for either creating new or restoring already existing wetlands to compensate. We talk about what it really means to makeup for what is destroyed with a professor of botany and environmental ecology. We also talk to the author of a new book about why adding more light and playful time into our lives could be beneficial.

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  • The Implications Of Designating The Foxconn Site A 'Blighted' Area

    Mount Pleasant has deemed the entire Foxconn site a “blighted” area, opening the door for the village to use eminent domain to secure remaining properties. We look at what Monday night’s vote means for homeowners, landowners and for Foxconn.

  • How Are Wetlands Restored Or Created?

    Ongoing development projects from Foxconn and Kohler Company will involve filling in wetlands and subsequently creating or restoring wetlands elsewhere. But how does that creation or restoration work? And do those wetlands provide all the benefits of the real thing? An ecology expert is with us to share the details.

  • The Importance Of 'Playful Intelligence'

    Adulthood is not often thought of the most fun period of a person’s life. When you’re a child, things like imagination and daydreaming are part of everyday experiences. Today, we talk to the author of the book “Playful Intelligence” about what we can do to add more lightness to our lives.

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