Foxconn Negotiations, Antidepressants In Fish, Online Harrassment

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A new study finds that antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft are showing up in the brains of Great Lakes fish. We find out why the drugs are getting into waterways and how they could affect the ecosystem. As a new round of negotiations begins between the state government and tech manufacturer Foxconn, we find out what’s being decided. And we talk with a game developer about the threats and harassment she received online and why she’s written a book about it.

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  • Business Support For Foxconn Growing In Wisconsin

    Governor Scott Walker signed a $3 billion dollar incentive package for technology manufacturer Foxconn to build a plant in Wisconsin. And a new report shows there’s broad support for the move from businesses in the state. We speak with Tom Daykin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to learn more.

  • Study Finds Antidepressants In Fish Brains In Great Lakes Region

    A new study has found that the antidepressants people take — like Prozac and Zoloft — are building up in fish found in the Niagara River that feeds into the Great Lakes. The drugs are entering rivers and lakes from treatment plants and sewage overflows. The buildup of antidepressants in the fish does not pose any immediate human health risk. But the drugs could alter the feeding behavior of fish and have serious consequences on the ecosystem. We’ll talk with the lead scientist about why this is a threat to biodiversity.

  • Surviving A Campaign Of Online Threats And Harassment

    Computer game developer Zoe Quinn was the target of death threats, stalking, and hacking, as one of the first targets of the Gamergate movement. She shares her story–and talks about efforts to turn the tide against online hate.

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