Foxconn Could Be New Major Source Of Air Pollution, The ‘Black Lady Therapist’ Rises In Pop Culture, EPA Preparing to Roll Back Fuel Efficiency Standards For New Vehicles

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Foxconn’s planned manufacturing complex would produce emissions that would contribute to air pollutants in the Racine County area, ranking it among the highest in southeastern Wisconsin for smog. We get the details from a air emissions expert. We also talk about the role of the ‘black lady therapist’ on many popular shows and movies. Additionally, we hear more about the EPA’s rollback of standards for new vehicles.

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  • EPA Rolls Back Fuel Efficiency Standards For New Vehicles

    Claiming they’re “too high,” the Environmental Protection Agency is doing away with Obama-era fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles. We analyze the EPA’s decision and what it means for automobile makers, the broader auto industry and consumers.

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