Foxconn Bill’s Constitutionality, Left-Handedness, Stay-At-Home Dads

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A nonpartisan report warned that portions of the Foxconn incentive bill could be unconstitutional. WPR’s state capitol reporter shares the details. Left-handers can face a lot of challenges, and even discrimination. We find out why. We also find out why most stay-at-home dads are now choosing to stay home with their children, rather than doing so out of financial necessity.

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  • Nonpartisan Legal Group: Provisions In Foxconn Deal Could Be Unconstitutional

    In a memo from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Council, the group indicated that some provisions in the Foxconn deal signed by Governor Walker earlier this week could be unconstitutional. We speak with WPR State Capitol Reporter Laurel White about the memo and what’s at stake.

  • Despite Gains, There's Still A Lot We Still Misunderstand About Left-Handedness

    Roughly 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed…but why? The answer is complicated. A guest scientist and social historian looks at what we know, and still don’t know, about the science of left-handedness, as well as the stigma against being left-handed that still exists in parts of the world.

  • Most At-Home Dads Now Choosing To Stay Home With Kids

    Most stay-at-home Dads are now choosing to be home with their children, instead of being there because of economic necessity. We find out more about the shift, and whether public opinion is changing to accept stay at home dads as readily as stay at home moms.

    Are you a stay at home dad? What led to your initial decision? Did you start willingly or out of necessity, and what about now? If your spouse is a stay at home dad, how has that dynamic worked for your relationship, and your family?

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