Foster Care Bills, Fighting Fake News, Where The Wild Coffee Grows

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False news stories that are meant to mislead readers or discredit public figures are commonplace online. We talk about how to spot fake news and how to reduce the problem. A bipartisan package of bills looks to change the way Wisconsin’s foster care system operates. One of the lawmakers behind it joins us to share the details. The author of a book exploring the history and future of coffee is also with us to shed new light on one of the world’s most popular commodities.

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  • State Assembly Introduces Package Of Bills Aimed At Supporting Foster Children, Families

    State Assembly representatives have unveiled a packed of 13 bills aimed at helping foster children and their families. The bills would provide funding for programs, measures to encourage people to sign up as foster parents, and more. We speak with Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska), co-chair of the Assembly Speaker’s foster care task force, about what kind of changes could come to the state’s foster care system.

  • How To Spot And Fight Fake News

    Fake news–the completely made-up stuff–can spread quickly, and it’s hard to convince people that it’s false. A researcher looks at the best and worst ways to turn the tide on fake news.

  • The Origins And Future Of The World's Best Coffee

    The most popular variety of coffee in the world originated in the remote cloud forests of Ethiopia, and the people there still treat the drink with great reverence. Our guest says that the region’s history and biology still have a lot to teach us about how to grow coffee. He’s with us to trace the journey and discuss the challenges that one of the world’s most valuable crops has gone through.

    What do you look for in a great cup of coffee? Are you concerned with how your coffee is grown and who gets paid for it? Have you experienced coffee culture in other parts of the world?

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