Former-FBI Director Robert Mueller To Serve As Special Counsel In Russia Investigation, High Maternal Death Rate In U.S., Exploring Boredom

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The rate of pregnancy-related deaths for women in the United States is the highest in the developed world by a significant margin. The author of a new report on the problem is with us to discuss what makes the U.S. stand out and what can be changed to save more lives. We also explore boredom – why we get bored, how we handle it, and if it’s inescapable. Plus, we’ll get the latest in the investigation into Russian interference and the new special counsel.

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  • Former-FBI Director Robert Mueller To Serve As Special Counsel In Russia Investigation

    On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would serve as special counsel in the ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference during the 2016 general election. We’ll get the details from Callum Borchers pf The Washington Post.

  • U.S. Maternal Death Rate The Highest In Developed World

    A new report from ProPublica and NPR finds that pregnancy-related deaths are more common in the United States than in any other developed country, and over half are judged to be preventable. One of the authors of the piece is with us to discuss why the disparity is so stark, and share the difficult stories she encountered in her reporting.

  • A Very Not Boring Look At Boredom In Our Lives

    While the idea of being fulfilled and entertained all the time, both at work and in our personal lives, sounds great, most of us can attest to the fact that boredom is always there in one form or another…but is that necessarily a bad thing? An author joins us to talk about boredom – why we get bored, how we deal with it, and what it says about us as humans.

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