For-profit nursing homes, Managing floods, Great American novels

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Floodwaters partially covers a statue of two children in La Crosse's Riverside Park
Flooding on the Mississippi River partially covers a statue in Riverside Park in La Crosse on Monday, April 24, 2023. Hope Kirwan/WPR

We discuss how the rise in for-profit nursing homes is affecting care for those who need it. We also learn more about cycles of flooding in the Midwest and how communities can respond. Plus, a new look at what makes a “great American novel.”

Featured in this Episode

  • What happens when private equity and profit influence healthcare

    An investigative journalist talks about his reporting on privately-owned nursing homes and the problems with private equity in healthcare.

  • Finding solutions to the flooding crisis

    In recent years, flooding has become more frequent and intense—and with climate change, it’s only expected to get worse. The author of a new book looks at floodplain management in the United States and proposes some practical solutions for what he calls “our flooding crisis.”

  • In search of the "Great American Novel"

    Since the mid-nineteenth century, readers have been in search of the “Great American Novel.” A group of literary scholars, critics, and writers recently set out to make a list of books that live up to the name. One of the project editors talks to us about what went into making the list and some of the must-read titles from it.

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