Football Players And C.T.E., What Does It Take To Run Indian Health Services?, Understanding Trade And NAFTA

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President Donald Trump’s pick for a new leader for Indian Health Services is receiving lots of criticism. We take a step back to talk about the history of Indian Health Services and it’s affect on the healthcare provided to Native Americans. We also discuss why many Wisconsin football players are brushing off warnings about the impact of the brain disease C.T.E. and devote some time to talking about how trade and NAFTA operate.

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  • Players Brush Off Warnings, But Effects Of Big Hits Add Up

    Although many football players choose to play on after a big hit, the latest research finds that even if a collision doesn’t qualify as a concussion, it can still harm the brain. A new report from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism examines the issue of the brain disease C.T.E. with scientists and Wisconsin football players. The author of the report is with us to share the details.

  • The Role Of Indian Health Services

    President Trump has selected Robert Weaver, member of the Quapow tribe, for the new Director of Indian Health Services. Many critics have questioned Weaver’s qualifications as he has a background in insurance, not healthcare. We take a closer look at the role of Indian Health Services and what it takes to be the director with our guest.

  • NAFTA Negotiations Continue In Montreal

    Trade officials are in Montreal this week to negotiate agreements in the North American Free Trade Agreement, better known as NAFTA. Some negotiations have been strained as NAFTA has become a political sticking point for President Trump and his administration. Mark Copelovitch of the University of Wisconsin-Madison joins us to talk about NAFTA and the impact the trade agreement has had on the U.S. economy and politics.

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