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Nearly every Wisconsinite honored on the Vietnam Memorial Wall has a picture to go with their name. We learn about the journey to find every photo, and hear stories about these veterans. We also discuss recent food stamp regulations and how they affect welfare recipients, and get a primer on the biggest movies coming to theaters this summer.

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  • Congresswoman Gwen Moore Says Public Benefit Restrictions Are Unconstitutional And Wrong

    Here in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker has proposed drug-testing recipients of public assistance, like food stamps and unemployment benefits. State Republicans are also pushing legislation that would regulate the kinds of foods that can be bought with food stamps. Congresswoman Gwen Moore just wrote an piece for The Guardian arguing against these kinds of restrictions. She explains why she says this legislation is not only unconstitutional, but wrong.

  • Sharing The Stories, Photos Of Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans

    A project to pair photos with the names of every Wisconsin service man or woman listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. is nearing completion. A journalism instructor who’s been working on finding photos and information about the remaining servicemembers shares some of the stories she’s discovered along the way.

    Wisconsin Remembers: A Face For Every Name

  • Summer Movie Preview 2015

    Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and the start of summer movie season! A film critics gives a preview of all the movies coming out in summer 2015.

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