Food Stamp Bill, Return Of 1980s Arcade Games, Women And Aging

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For women, there is a persistent cultural stigma around getting older. That’s according to our guest, who shares ideas about how women can feel better about aging. We also talk about the resurgence of arcades packed with classic games from the 1980s. And we discuss one of today’s top headlines.

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  • Bill Would Give Food Stamp Recipients Healthy Food Discounts

    A new bill in the state legislature would give discounts on healthy foods to people receiving food stamps. So far, the effort ha gotten backing from some health and advocacy groups for making healthier eating more accessible. We talk to Rep. Mike Rohrkaste (R-Neenah) who co-sponsored the bill.

  • 80s Style Arcades Make A Comeback In Milwaukee

    Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Galaga and more might make a comeback in a way they haven’t before. With the rise of retro arcades in Milwaukee, the early versions of the iconic video games will be available to the generation that grew up with them, and younger people who want a taste of the 80s gaming era.

  • Women And Aging

    Our guest says there’s a persistent cultural stigma around the aging process for women. She shares ideas about how women can feel better about getting older.

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