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Do you think you could accurately predict the turn of global events? Well it turns out average people are actually pretty good at making those predictions. Rob Ferrett learns how from the Good Judgement Project. Then he rounds up the week in state news and investigates what’s behind a growing list of foods being recalled this week due to bacerial contamination.

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  • Weekly News Roundup: Marquette Poll Indicates Possible Walker-Burke Tie

    Here’s a roundup of some of the top news stories from around Wisconsin this week:

    • New Marquette University Poll Shows Possible Walker-Burke Tie

      A new Marquette University poll suggests a tightening gubernatorial race, with Democratic challenger Mary Burke and Gov. Scott Walker neck and neck at 46 percent. According to Marquette University pollster Charles Franklin, Burke is showing gains among women and younger voters and also drawing more male voters. The poll was conducted among registered voters; however, when taking into account likely voters, Walker still maintains a lead of about three percentage points.

    • Ray Cross Seeks Large Financial Aid Increase To Boost Diversity

      On Tuesday, University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross said he’ll ask the Legislature for the largest increase in financial aid in the system’s history to attract more low-income students and increase the racial diversity of the UW student body. Cross said the university also hopes to create a statewide tutoring program to prepare minority students for college. He also wants to see Wisconsin adopting a program similar to one in Minnesota that allows high schools kids to take college classes tuition-free.

    • Advisory Committee Sets New Wolf Hunt Quota

      The Wisconsin Wolf Advisory Committee this week recommended a quota of 156 for this year’s wolf hunt — about 100 fewer than last year. The committee, which represents a range of opinions from agencies, stakeholders, scientists and tribal groups, is acting in an advisory capacity only. Department of Natural Resources scientists say this quota would shrink the wolf population anywhere between 5 and 20 percent.

    • Wisconsin Gay Marriage Ruling Anticipated

      A ruling on whether Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional is expected next week. In anticipation of that ruling, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B Van Hollen asked the federal judge in the case to stay the ruling if she strikes down the ban. According to the motion, Van Hollen wants to limit “chaos, confusion, uncertainty and ultimately further litigation” while an appeal is pending. The motion suggests that if the ban is struck down, clerks in Dane, Racine, and Milwaukee counties could potentially allow same-sex marriages.

    • Big Week For Food Recalls

      This week has seen a list of food items being recalled after E. coli and listeria were detected in products ranging from ground beef to sprouts, walnuts and hummus. What’s behind these bacterial outbreaks?

    • The Good Judgment Project

      Can a crowd of average people outwit CIA analysts with access to classified information? According to a research study organized as part of a government-sponsored forecasting tournament, averages Joes are surprisingly accurate in forecasting important global events.

    • State News Round-Up For May 23rd, 2014

      WPR’s assistant news director joins us to keep us up to speed on what’s making news in Wisconsin this week.

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