Food Friday Looking At First-Time Thanksgivings, Ever Vetoes CNA Bill, Renewable Energy For Utilities

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Thanksgiving meal
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On Food Friday we share and listen for stories of people hosting their first Thanksgiving meals. And we learn why Gov. Evers shot down a bill to lower training requirements for nurse assistants. Then we learn about some utilities switching to renewable energy.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Hosting Your First Thanksgiving Meal

    Hosting your family’s Thanksgiving meal for the first time can be challenging and emotional. We ask for your tips on how to pull it off, and create some new traditions in the process.

  • Bill To Reduce Certified Nursing Assistant Training Fails

    Earlier this week Governor Tony Evers vetoed a bill that called for decreasing the amount of training required for certified nursing assistants. We discuss what proponents and opponents of the bill had to say, and why Evers said he decided to shut down the proposed legislation.

  • Major Utilities Serving Wisconsin Plan To Cut Carbon Emissions

    The declining cost of solar energy is one factor impacting the transition to renewable energy sources for various utility companies serving the state. We get more details from a WPR reporter.

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